The Enemy

I’ve been reflecting on what has happened in Colorado in the last couple of days and in New York in the last few weeks, and what could happen everywhere in the future. Aside from guns, ammo and other things of that nature I don’t have much, a good family, a car, a computer, some furniture and clothes, and some shit really never needed. I’m single, I rent, I have no one depending on me, no one I’m responsible for, my only real accomplishments and contributions to the world are the very things the likes of Governor Coumo, Senator Feinstein, most of the Colorado House of Representatives, Missouri state Reps Roy Ellinger, Jill Schupp, Margo McNeil and Walton Gray; all are trying to take away.

So not only are there people in this world trying to take from me my legacy, my livelihood, my reason for being but also the only thing a man has when he has nothing else left, his freedom, MY FREEDOM. Worst of all these people have the power to try and do it too. I absolutely fail to understand how anyone could believe this is right, or moral, or ethical, or anything else other than wrong. What a fucked up world we are in…

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